What we do

Boats & Bars
Our signature event, held on Saturday on the weekend before Labor Day. We start at Zorbaz with our opening band, go to the sandbar between Big and Little Detroit Lake for more live music, then off to other stops before returning to Zorbaz for the night’s concluding event. All proceeds go to benefit a local charity or community organization.

maCAWS for Paws
Held as the kickoff event for Boats & Bars weekend, we partner with the Marshmallow Foundation to help raise money for shelter pets who are looking for their forever home.

Operation Teddy Bear
Every Christmas morning, we visit those who are spending the holiday in Detroit Lakes nursing homes and hospitals to wish them a Merry Christmas and deliver stuffed animals to remind them that we are thinking of them. We even get to meet newborns on the visit to give them their first Christmas gift.

Mahube Giving Tree, with Zorbaz DL
Speaking of Christmas, along with Zorbaz on the Lake, Detroit Lakes, we sponsor a giving tree for the Mahube Community Council for disadvantaged children to help ensure they receive gifts on Christmas Day.

Highway 10 Ditch Cleaning
We believe in a clean and safe environment (we are Minnesotans, after all), so we take part in the Minnesota Department of Transportion’s Adopt-A-Highway program to clean a stretch of roadway along U.S. Highway 10, between Detroit Lakes and Audubon, MN.

This is the answer to Margaritaville, from a Minnesota perspective. Part of Polar Fest in Detroit Lakes, the Polaritaville dance caps off a week of playing in the snow and cold. And yes, you will occasionally find us doing the Polar Plunge in sub-zero temperatures. Hey, the water’s warmer than the air at that point.

Lots of other stuff
From chili cook-offs and trips to places across the Western Hemisphere, to supporting other Parrot Head clubs and related organizations, we try to keep busy.